Surviving the Pandemic

Apr 10, 2020 By Richard Powers

Your Business CAN Survive!

We’ve all been struggling through this Coronavirus pandemic – both personally and in business. While some businesses have managed to remain open due to their essential products, many others have been forced to close their doors – or alter their business models.

Many may not survive. But your business can survive. WilcoHome can help.

You may not be able to open your doors. But you can still reach out to your customers.

For retail stores, the answer may be virtual stores and on-line sales. For sure, Amazon has seen continued strong business throughout this crisis. In the past month their sales have increased 20% from already strong levels. Believe it or not, there is still demand out there. With most everyone trapped in their homes, we are all looking for ways to avoid the boredom.

For many of your customers, home projects are the answer. Lawn and garden projects are perfect for remaining active and brightening our days. Other improvements may have been put off. We have thousands of decorative accessories for the home.

Do you already have a web site promoting your products? Do you allow on-line sales? Maybe you’ve avoided the internet and stuck to what you know best – your brick and mortar store. Whatever your situation, WilcoHome can help.

We can drop ship any item in our catalog direct to your customers. All you have to do is ask! Throughout this crisis, we will waive all drop ship fees. Place your order on-line at or call us at 214 748-2510.

You can sell on-line.

WilcoHome has teamed up with our technology consultants to allow you to create or update your on-line presence. The partnership we’ve created will be fast, easy and inexpensive! You can be selling on-line in days. We’ll handle all the details.

Here’s how it works:
• You pick a web site design from hundreds of professionally-designed templates
• We will customize the site with your name and information and logo
• All WilcoHome products will be pre-loaded with retail pricing
• Domain Name Registration is Included free for the first year
• Email Marketing is included free to all your customers
• Search Engine Optimization included free so new customers can find your site
• All credit card processing and fees are provided

This program is provided for WilcoHome customers by Vista Partners. Read the details at