Drop Shipping Program

Aug 01, 2020 By Richard Powers

Drop Ship for No-Contact Sales

Here at WilcoHome we continue to look for ways to help your business survive during the CoronaVirus pandemic.  It’s certainly not easy, but we’ve been impressed with the resourceful we have seen from many of you.

Many of your customers may prefer to shop on-line or by phone.  We instituted a web site option to enable you to sell your products on-line.  You can read about that program here.

We’re also implementing a Drop Ship option.  You can place small orders for your customers.  We’ll box the order and ship it directly to your customer.  For the duration of the pandemic, this program will not incur a drop ship charge.  The only thing we ask is that you create a shipping label using your UPS or Fedex account.  Save the label as a PDF or JPG or other image file.  When you finalize your order at WilcoHome.com you’ll have the option to upload the shipping label.

To create a Drop Ship order, after logging in, click on your name in the upper right corner.  On the User Menu, you’ll see the drop ship option.  Click on that and you are ready to add items.  In the finalization step you’ll be able to enter your customer’s shipping information.  For drop shipments, there is no minimum order.

If you have questions about our Drop Ship program, call us at 214 748-2510.